Research and developmentin the healthcare for over 25 years

IN.CAS. S.r.l. was founded with the aim of distributing Medical Devices, P.P.E. in the hospital sector with a focus on the prevention of infections and cross-contamination. By constantly investing in research and development and in the training of its personnel, IN.CAS. has always guaranteed its customers the highest quality standards that have enabled it to establish itself in operating theatres, intensive care units and urology and dialysis wards. Thanks to its success with medical devices, the company is not only a leader in the Italian market, but is also expanding and successfully establishing itself in foreign markets.





Since 1997, efficiency, quality and maximum safety

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In 2018 the company reaches a further milestone in terms of innovation by producing “SUPER S.HO.W.” a new aspirator equipped with an external antiviral and antibacterial protection with silver ions capable of drastically reducing “Cross-Contamination”.

In 2022, IN.CAS. produces S.P.R.I.Z., the exclusive closed-circuit aspirator with 4.0 technology. The newly arrived medical device, whose acronym stands for safety – prevention – zero-risk infections, was created to offer the healthcare market a state-of-the-art aspirator in terms of technical features, functionality and safety.

Today, IN.CAS. is more than ever a leader in innovation for the management of hospital liquid waste.